When we started in 2008, 110 Members thought it a good idea to join.  Here is a picture of most of those Foundation Members:

Probus Club of Ballarat South 2008

Since the above photo was taken on 12 Jun 2008, our Club has grown to 130 Members.

When we started

In 2007 the Rotary Club of Ballarat South felt a need existed for another Probus Club.  They convened an information session on 10th April 2008 for interested people and all agreed to start the Probus Club of Ballarat South that same day.  Since then we have registered the Club as an Incorporated Body, and the Incorporation Number is A0053491L.


The Club has voted to cap Membership at 130, with the option to allow 131 Members (so that a couple may join at the same time).  Members do not have to live in the Ballarat South precinct, and in fact the majority of Members live in other areas and surrounding Districts.


Annual fees are $40.00, and there is a once off joining fee of $25.00.  These fees cover meeting room hire, insurance, morning teas on meeting days (yes, you don’t pay through the year!), monthly newsletter, and other expenses the Club incurs.  Annual fees fall due at the AGM in March.

Probus Club of Ballarat South Constitution

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Probus Club of Ballarat South Standing Resolutions

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